Website community rules

When you use The Kids Zone website, you must act as if it was your own site, with respect and maturity.

Like all websites, we need to have rules about netiquette (how to behave online). Below are the rules you must follow in order to use our site.

  1. You must not post anything that is insulting, abusive, obscene or hateful;
  2. You must not talk about anything illegal
  3. You must not plagiarise. Everything you post must be your own unless you reference where it came from
  4. Never post any personal information including phone numbers, addresses (home or email), passwords  or any other form of private information
  5. You must not pretend to be anyone else by using their name and log-in details
  6. You must agree to our website’s Terms & Conditions

This site was created by young people for young people with the intention of making it fun, vibrant and supportive. We hope you enjoy it.