Problems at home

"My name is Anna and I'm 14. I want to tell you my story so that you really think about whether running away is your only option.

"My parents were fighting all the time, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I put some things in to a backpack and left. I started hanging around on the streets. I didn't know where to stay so I slept in a bus shelter. It was very cold and I was scared. I couldn't go home so it was lucky that The Children's Society stepped in. They helped me to talk to my parents. Now I'm back home and it's loads better."

Living on the streets is very dangerous and you might find yourself in frightening situations. If life at home is so bad that you think running away is your only choice, then you must speak to someone you trust so that they can offer you help you find support. There are people who you can turn to for help if you are facing problems at home.