Hate & faith crime

If you've been hurt, attacked or threatened in any way because of your race, religious beliefs, disability or sexual choice, that is a Hate and Faith crime.

Usually it's because of a person's prejudice or discrimination. Religious hate crime and Faith crimes are committed because someone dislikes you because they think you're "different" to them because of your religious beliefs.  Often they act this way because they're frightened of that "difference".

Hate and Faith crime isn't just about being hurt physically it can also be nasty words, hurtful emails, text messages, phone calls, breaking or damaging something that belongs to you, or deliberately trying to frighten you. 

If you have been hurt verbally or physically, or feel in danger, it's really important that you tell an adult that you trust straight away and help to stop race hate crime. People you could tell are:

  • Mum, dad or guardian
  • Teacher
  • Youth worker
  • Local faith leader
  • Adult friend

They can support you and help you decide what to do next.