Caring for a parent

"My name is Amy. I'm 13 and I'm a young carer. I look after my mum who has MS (Multiple Sclerosis), which means she can't do lots of things that other mums do. I have a younger brother who I also look after so I am so busy! I want to look after my mum because she's my mum but sometimes I just want to be able to do things that other kids do - like play or go to my friends houses.

"I didn't realise that there are so many other young carers. I'm now looking into joining organisations that offer kids like me a break. I'd like to get involved with something like the Young Carer's Festival where I can have a fun weekend with other young carers and be a kid - even if it is only for one day."

Caring for a parent on your own can be one of the hardest things a child has to do, many children in the UK are young carers looking after mum or dad who are unwell, on their own without help. If you are a young carer who is caring for a parent and need help, for yourself or your family, try to find someone you can talk to that you can trust, for example a teacher or a doctor. You can also visit our Young Carer site for more information.