Being heard

"My name is Sam and I’m 14. I have multiple disabilities. In the last year I have had to move three times to three different placements. The final placement was only temporary accommodation. I really enjoyed this placement and the school, which I could go to as it was near where I was living. I was able to tell my advocate that I did not want to move because I was happy.

"I was sad when the local authority told me I couldn’t stay in my placement as it was too expensive for them. I told my advocate I wanted to stay and she spoke to the local authority and after a long time they let me stay. I was very pleased. I was happy that they listened to what I wanted."

It's really important for young people and children with disabilities to have someone who will listen to what they want and speak out for them - this is called an independent advocate. An independent advocate helps a young person living with a disability to express their thoughts and opinions so that they can have control over their lives.

Also, why don’t you check out The Children’s Society’s Askability website which helps children with special needs and learning disabilities to understand current affairs and local news stories.